Aurora 29-30th October 2003

Cloud during the evening meant that the early part of this display was missed. However it cleared around midnight and we were treated to the best display since April 2000.

The curtain effect was visible to the eye but the green colour was not as prominent as these images suggest. Orange skyglow from distant towns is reflected off lower level cloud.

Large red patches lasting several minutes came and went over a two hour period. The red colour is unmistakeable and the pale green glow is quite different from the skyglow in that general direction.

Occasionally pale beams appeared and faded out again in minutes. Most only reached half way up the sky though one or two did briefly get to the zenith.

The strongest display of rays lasted several minutes. There was little sign of movement, they tended to fade then reappear nearby.

This broad red glow marked the end of the display. During the exposure a plane moved across part of the view.

Pentax K2, 28mm   29-30th October 2003
Wiltshire, England

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