Earthshine Examples

Earthshine completing the outline of the moon can be a delicate but beautiful effect, binoculars are very helpful in showing it more clearly.

Here the moon is about to set behind an ancient burial mound on a nearby hill.

In this image, with the moon only a couple of degrees above the horizon, the longer exposure shows detail within the earthlit part. The moon is also reddened by the scattering and flattened by refraction.
(5 lunar images stacked to reduce noise, single image for background)

The following evening and with the moon higher in the sky there is less flattening and the detail in the earthlit part isn't so degraded by the atmosphere. The long exposure needed to show the earthshine means the sunlit part is grossly overexposed, and the purple halo proves the lens is not truly achromatic.
(5 images stacked to reduce noise)

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