Road Mirages

Mirages of the sky look like patches of water but even when trees or distant hills are being miraged the impression of a water reflection can be very striking.

When the refracted scene is the same as the road surface the effect isn't so obvious. A closer look shows the distorted images of road markings many tens of metres beyond the refracting layers.

At this very shallow angle the refracted headlights seem to stand above the road surface. However the true road surface is hidden by the refracting layers above it

Gentle undulations in the road surface mean different patches of air pick up the headlights of this bus, producing multiple mirages. The practise of driving with headlights on in the national park makes these mirages easier to see. The inverted mirage of the truck is cut short giving the typical 'tall wheels' effect.

Canon EOS 400D   30th June 2007
Yellowstone National Park, USA

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