Zodiacal Light Panorama

In the view to the left ignore the orange skyglow at the bottom. Look for a diffuse colourless glow extending from the setting moon, at centre on the horizon, up towards the star cluster at upper left.

The panorama of 8 images below covers about 180 degrees along the horizon and reaches up to about 60 degrees. Star patterns near the top are rather distorted because of mapping the dome of the sky onto a flat image.

The bright streak on the left edge is the trail of a very bright Iridium satellite, Sirius is the bright star lower right of that. Moving up to the right is the distinctive constellation of Orion and further up to the right are the Hyades and Pleiades star clusters. Mars looks like a bright star upper left of the blue Pleiades cluster. The ecliptic stretches from Mars downwards and to the right towards the setting moon. The Zodiacal Light shows up as a broad glow along the lower part of that line, before it gets lost in the light pollution along the horizon. The small fuzzy patch above the left edge of the tree is the Andromeda Galaxy and up toward the right is a rather distorted view of Cassiopeia.

Canon EOS 20D    1st March 2006
Wiltshire, England

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