Halo Displays

Although the colours in this display were rather washed out it does show several types of halo. The 22 degree halo is clearly visible and brighter toward the top.

The upper tangent arc is rather broad and dominates the top of the halo.

The sundogs on each side are quite clear, but not on the 22 degree halo because of the solar altitude. There is also just the slightest suggestion of parhelic circle inside the halo.

Contrails, and their shadows on the cirrus below, dominate this display. Some colour is visible in the 22 degree halo.

At the top of the halo is an upper tangent arc, still convex to the sun because of the solar altitude.

The sundogs to the left and right are not far off the main halo, confirming that the sun was not very high.

The sun was much too bright to safely view through the finder so getting this shot was a case of pointing the camera and hoping it would come out.

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