Dewbow on Crops

In this composite of four images the left and right sides of a faint dewbow can be seen on the leaves of an oilseed crop. There is also a strong heiligenschein round the shadow of my head.

Heiligenschein and dewbow on crops
Section of dewbow on crops Heiligenschein on crop leaves

The right edge of the dewbow is shown in more detail. Notice the brighter white region inside the bow, exactly the same as a normal rainbow. The colours aren't strong here but were more obvious from a moving car.

The water repellant nature of the leaves means the drops hold their shape well, leading to a strong heiligenschein. I've only noticed the coloured bow on mornings when there has been a heavy dew, so it probably does matter whether the drops are formed gently by dew or by the wetting action of heavy rain.

Canon EOS 20D    4th October 2006
Berkshire, England

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