Dewbow on Dense Webs

Where there are water drops and direct sunlight a rainbow is possible. The more drops the better so this kind of spider web can be very useful. Although these bows are obvious to the eye getting a good image isn't so easy.

Dewbow on a dense spider web Out of focus dewbow on a dense web

One reason is that the camera pixels saturate, losing the colour. Another is that moving the head makes the bow much more obvious.

This is one time when it does help to be slightly out of focus. Although it is an improvement this is still not as good as it appeared to the eye.

Dewdrops and section of rainbow

There are enough drops here for a small section of rainbow to be visible. (The spider probably wasn't so impressed !)

The reddish and blue bands of the primary bow run horizontally across the middle of the image. The drops inside the bow (below it) reflect back quite a lot of sunlight but the drops outside the bow do not, just the same as a normal rainbow.

Fuji Finepix S5000    2nd May 2004
Wiltshire, England

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