Supernumeraries in Miniature

Where the light has travelled through an undistorted drop supernumeraries can sometimes be seen.

Miniature supernumerary arcs Supernumerary arcs and insect

Light refracted through a drop Supernumeraries from a small drop

In focus view of light refracted through a drop.

Out of focus showing the extra arcs.

Light refracted through a drop Multiple supernumeraries

The refracted and reflected light source at the top of the lower drop.

More arcs are visible than in a rainbow because it is coming from a single drop.

Supernumeraries from a single drop Weak supernumeraries from the same drop

Positioning is critical, moving just a few millimetres can pick up more or less distorted paths.

This affects the number of bands visible.

Canon EOS 20D   April 2007

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