Strong Heiligenschein on Crops

From my viewpoint on top of a hill a very strong heiligenschein was visible in the wheat field below. This one was obviously elongated in a vertical direction. (Sun altitude 8 degrees)

Strog heiligenschein seen from a hill Heiligenschein on crops

A very light dew on the leaves produced this strong effect at the antisolar point. Shadow hiding by leaves either side of the antisolar point would reduce the brightness and may explain the vertical component.

Even when the antisolar point fell well into the yellow oilseed flowers the glow extended 5 degrees above it and was still visible in the green wheat field. Notice how the shadows of the line of trees become more visible further away from the antisolar point.

Heiligenschein on oilseed Heiligenschein from a ridge

Although not as strong as it was in the wheat field the heiligenschein picked up the colour of the oilseed flower background.

Where there were no flowers near the edge of the field the glow was brighter, presumably because the leaves provided a better surface for holding the dew.

Heiligenschein on leaves

Dew on the leaves produced this distinct glow round my shadow. Although some of the fall off toward the edges was due to increased visibility of shadows it is the light refracted back through the dew drops that dominates.

Canon EOS 20D   8th May 2005
Wiltshire, England

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