Circumzenithal Arc and Halo Display

Top: A wide angle view shows a strong circumzenithal arc at the top, a weak 22 degree halo below it and at lower right a sundog. The individual features are shown in more detail below.

Below Left: The left sundog came and went as the clouds moved through.

Below Centre: The circumzenithal arc was strong even though it was near the upper limit of its visibility.

Below Right: The right sundog showed a reasonable amount of colour and tailed off into a weak parhelic circle. (Shown in the wider angle view at bottom right.)

Although it wasn't very strong this halo display showed several features associated with plate type crystals.

The cirrus wasn't sufficiently extensive for all the features to be seen at the same time.

Sundogs and circumzenithal arcs formed several times over about two hours, with a couple of rarer effects showing briefly.

Left: Later in the afternoon the left 120 degree parhelion was briefly visible as a light patch.

Right: Stretching out from the right sundog was a faint parhelic circle which showed a faint 120 degree parhelion.

Canon EOS 20D   16th June 2006
Berkshire, England

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