Bright 120 Degree Parhelion and Sundogs

A narrow band of cirrus passing through gave a colourful 22 degree halo, some good sundogs and this brief but bright 120 degree parhelion.

These images taken just 20 seconds apart show how the cirrus drifted past the parhelion, confirming the parhelion was real and not just a brighter patch of cloud.

Not much of the parhelic circle was seen, apart from this fragment to the right of the parhelion and the extended tail of the sundog. The sundogs didn't last for long but at times were very colourful.

The sundog is several degrees away from the 22 degree halo, as you would expect for a fairly high sun (37 degrees). One reason why I prefer the name sundog to 22 degree parhelion.

Canon EOS 20D and 400D   2nd August 2008
Wiltshire, England

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