Corona in Mottled Cloud

Mottled corona Distorted corona

In this image the corona is rather mottled because of varying drop sizes in the individual patches of cloud. The patchy colouring shows how blurred the boundary is between corona and iridescence.

This corona seems 'squared off' with the smoothly varying drop size to the left giving the corona a different curvature. To the top and right the drop size varies over smaller distances giving the patchy appearance.

Cloud corona at an eclipse

The cloud corona should not be confused with the solar corona, the extremely hot outer atmosphere of the sun. Many thousands of people were waiting on Hawaii for a chance to see the solar corona during the total eclipse in 1991. Sadly for most of us the only corona we saw was of the cloud type as the sun was obscured just minutes before totality.

Never look directly at the sun !   Shield the sun and use proper eye protection against the glare.

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