Corona round the Moon

Large corona from small droplets Small corona from large droplets

The cloud droplets must have been very small, around 4 microns, to produce such a large corona.

Another striking corona to the eye but the image still seems rather flat compared to the real thing. This composite is a stack of five images (Registax) to reduce noise, the image of the slightly gibbous moon was superimposed from a shorter exposure.

Snmall lunar corona Three ringed lunar corona

The aureole and first ring of the corona are clearly seen, however the colours are not as clear as they appeared to the eye. The almost full moon gives an idea of the scale and a bright star is visible to the lower left. By comparing the size of the rings with the moon the droplet size in the cloud is estimated to be around 12 microns.

This was a very striking and colourful corona with three rings clearly visible to the eye. Again the photo doesn't do it justice. Droplet size was estimated at around 18 microns and the drops must have been very similar in size to produce several clear rings.

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