Fogbow Apparent Size

The fogbow isn't a physical object, just light coming from a particular direction. However the density of fog and the presence of foreground objects do have an effect on the way we perceive its size.

Fogbow and walkers

Compared to the two walkers the fogbow appears huge because it seems to be at a similar distance.

Full fogbow with tree for scale

The whole arc viewed from almost the same position, the tree appears to give it some scale. Near the middle, almost lost in the fog, is a pair of small bushes about 2 metres high.

Fogbow with bushes for scale

Taken from a position close to these bushes the arc doesn't seem so large.

Fogbow with gate for scale

Another view from further back shows the tree apparently behind the arc and the gate now gives a different sense of scale.

Canon EOS 20D   22nd December 2006    Composites of several images
Wiltshire, England

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