Iridescent Mist

Swirls of iridescent mist

As the shed roof catches the morning sun small swirls of mist about 5 to 10cm high start to form. Looking through them in the general direction of the sun can show iridescent colours - but take care to shield your eyes from direct sunlight!

Complex swirl of iridescent mist

Shielding the lens well enough to avoid any internal reflections is tricky but is necessary to show up subtle colouring.

Iridescent mist

Occasionally the colours can be quite vivid, but they are all too brief as the swirls of mist dissipate in seconds.

Gentle swirl of iridescent mist

Gentle swirls show the best colours, the slightest breeze is enough to break them up and spoil the effect.

Never look directly at the sun !   Shield the sun and use proper eye protection against the glare.

Canon EOS 20D   3rd November 2006
Wiltshire, England

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