Fogbow Polarisation Comparison

This pair of panoramas taken a few minutes apart shows the effect of using a polariser. For the lower image a polarising filter was used, it was rotated to fit the bow for each exposure.

Full fogbow without polariser

In this view, without filter, the full arc of the fogbow is visible. However it is a bit thin at the top because the fog was only just deep enough. This image doesn't show the bow quite as well as it appeared to the eye.

Pentax Optio S40   1st September 2004    Composite of 3 images

Full fogbow with polariser

The polarised view shows two supernumeraries over most of the arc, although only one was obvious to the eye. That was sufficiently strong to show a hint of colour, but not as strongly as shown here.

Fuji Finepix S5000 + polariser    1st September 2004    Composite of 5 images
Wiltshire, England

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