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31st December 2010

Geminid Meteors - December 2010
Lingering Fogbow
Coppery Sunset Colours
Sundog over a Stile
Gibbous Moon Corona
Lunar Halo Time Lapse
Sunset and Moon Rise
Motorway Rainbow
Sun Sinking into the Haze
Upper Tangent, Parry Arc and Sundogs
Extensive Evening Rainbow
Circumzenithal Arc and Contrail
Strong Morning Sundog
Crepuscular Ray Time Lapse
Afternoon Sundog Time Lapse
Circumzenithal Arc over Town Hall
Evening Sundog Time Lapse
Afternoon Sundog in Virga
Summer Fogbow
Complete Rainbow at Sunset
Rainbow and Sunset
Perseid Meteors - 13th August 2010
Perseid Meteors - 11-12th August 2010
Partial Rainbow at Sunset
Changing 22 degree Halo
Rainbow with a Polarising Filter
Bright Evening Sundog
Upper Tangent, Sundogs and Circumzenithal Arc
Noctilucent Cloud - 9th July 2010
Noctilucent Cloud Time Lapse - 9th July 2010
Fan of Crepuscular Rays
Moon and Contrail
Noctilucent Cloud Time Lapse - 5th July 2010
Noctilucent Cloud - 4th July 2010
Brief Circumzenithal Arc
Long Fiery Sunset
120 degree Parhelion, Circumzenithal Arc, Parry Arc and Sundogs
Noctilucent Cloud - 16th June 2010
Noctilucent Cloud - 15th June 2010
Sunpillar Sequence

31st May 2010

Halo, Upper Tangent, Sundog and Circumzenithal Arc
Hazy Red Moon Rising
Reflected Sundog and a Circumzenithal Arc
Possible Pollen Corona at Sunset
May Conjunction - Moon and Venus
Sundogs, Upper Tangent and Circumzenithal Arc
Normal 22 degree Halo
Moon Corona - Different Phases
Weak Sunpillar
Upper Tangent Arc
Lunar Upper Tangent Arc in Leo
Weak Sundog at Sunset
22 Degree Halo - Not an Ash Cloud
Evening Zodiacal Light (additions)
April Conjunction - Moon, Mercury and Venus
22 degree Halo - Ice not Ash
Deep Red Sunset
Circumzenithal Arc and Sundogs
Distorted Sundog
Ragged Corona
Sundogs, Circumzenithal Arc and Sun Pillar
Delicate Sundogs
22 Degree Halo on a Damp Morning
Delicate Afternoon Halo
Bright Morning Sundog
Earth Shadow Rising Sequence
Full Lunar Halo in Leo

28th February 2010

Evening Zodiacal Light
Winter Afternoon Haloes
Scattering and Shadows at Sunset
Sundogs and Snow
Moon Corona and Varying Exposure
Partial Lunar Eclipse - 31st December 2009
Red Rays at Sunset

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