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1st October 2007

Colourful Sunset
Geyser Spraybow
Caustic Networks
Warm Fogbow
Lower Falls Spraybow
Colourful Hot Springs
Caustic Networks
Upper Falls Spraybow
Lower Falls Spraybow
Caustic Networks
Mountain Light
Road Mirages
Strong Iridescent Cloud
Weak Iridescent Cloud
Water Reflections and Polarisation

12th September 2007

Cloud Shadow and Iridescence
Circumscribed Halo
Moon and Venus
Late Afternoon Cloud Shadows
Noctilucent Cloud 12th June 2007
Triangular Sundog
Opposition Effect on Green Crops
Spraybow Distorted Drops
Spraybow Features
Spraybow Drop Sizes
Sunset Sequence
Moonset and Earth Shadow
Zodiacal Light

25th August 2007

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9th May 2007

Dandelion 'Corona'
Moonrise Sequence
Evening Sundogs
Upper Tangent Arc
Earthshine Sequence
Multiple Mini-Bows
Interference off a Dewdrop
Supernumeraries in Miniature
Crepuscular Rays
Morning Sundogs
Total Lunar Eclipse
Total Lunar Eclipse Sequence
Moonlight Scatter Path
Full Lunar 22 Degree Haloes
Lunar Circumhorizon Arc
Bright Sundog

28th January 2007

Bright Circumzenithal Arc
Afternoon Rainbow
Full Sunset Rainbow
Full Lunar 22 Degree Halo
Full Evening Rainbow
Fogbow Apparent Size
Iridescent Cloud

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