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30th December 2005

Distorted Lunar Corona
22 Degree Halo and Variable Corona
Lunar Halo
Large Glory Polarisation
Large Glory Polarisation
Glory Polarisation and Spectre
Glory Polarisation Inner Ring
Glory Polarisation
Glory Polarisation
Fogbow Polarisation
Fogbow and Fog Depth
Iridescent Mist

29th November 2005

Intense Sundog
Crepuscular Rays through Trees
Ice Glitter Path
Opposition Effect on Trees
Spider Web Glitter Path
Colourful Sunset
Crepuscular Rays from the Air
Workday Rainbow
Iridescent Clouds
Subtle Sun Pillars
Rainbow over the Leviathan
Bright Rainbow
Rainbow Rays and Streaks
Rainbow over a White Horse
Moonlight Glitter Path
Crepuscular Rays
Sea Glitter Path

30th September 2005

Supernumerary Bows
Rainbow Rays and Streaks
Autumn Shower
Lone Secondary Bow
Contrail Shadow Movement
Dewbow Supernumeraries
Colourful Dewbows
Dewbow and Spiders
Crepuscular Rays
Bright Sundog
Earth Shadow Rising
Sunset Rainbow
Cloud Shadow at Cloud Level
Balloon Spectre
Upper and Lower Tangent Arcs
Halo and Corona
High Sundog
Strong 22 Degree Halo

27th July 2005

Contrail Shadows
Summer Sundogs
Sundog and Balloon
Circumzenithal Arc and Sundogs
Pair of Bright Sundogs
Moon Pillar
Circumzenithal Arc and 22 Degree Halo
Circumhorizontal Arc
Opposition Effect from a Balloon
Weak Circumzenithal Arcs
22 Degree Halo
Halo and Corona
Bright Sundogs
Supralateral Arc Fragment
Low Bow

16th May 2005

Sun Pillar Sequence
Hidden Sundogs
Crepuscular Rays
Strong Heiligenschein
Spring Shower Rainbows
Lunar Halo
22 Degree Halo

10th April 2005

Cloud Shadows
Fiery Sunset
Distorted Corona
Iridescent Cloud
Sunset Rainbow
22 degree Halo

27th March 2005

Lunar Corona - Cloud and Fog
Full Fogbow
Fogbow High and Low
Glory and Fogbow
Spectre Size
Iridescence and Sundog

15th March 2005

Contrail Shadow
Lunar Corona
Lunar Halo
Contrail Shadows

9th January 2005

Rainbows - Approaching Rain
Different Rainbows
Lunar Corona
Lunar Halo

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