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7th August 2008

Circumzenithal Arc between Clouds
Bright 120 degree Parhelion and Sundogs
Interference and Drop Curvature
Mini-bows and Droplet Shape
Spiderweb Microstructure
Spiderweb Diffraction Colours
Psychedelic Spiderweb
Web Diffraction with Spider
Bright Sundogs and Circumzenithal Arc
Cloud Bank Shadow
Harvest Sundogs
Evening Rainbow Fragment
Noctilucent Cloud - 13th July 2008
Noctilucent Cloud in Morning Twilight
Noctilucent Cloud - 4th July 2008
Bright Sunset Rainbow
Rainbows and Shadows (addition)
Reversed Colour Mini-bow
Weak 22 degree Haloes
Reflected Sundog
Murky Evening Sundogs
Tangent Arcs and Weak Circumhorizon Arc
Thin Red Rainbow
Crepuscular Rays (addition)
Earthshine and Mercury
Distant Rainbow
Tangent Arc and Bluebells
Stubby Cloud Shadows
Evening Shower Rainbow
Spring Fogbow
Earthshine and Pleiades
Lone Sundogs (additions)

26th May 2008

Brief Bright Sundog
Crepuscular Ray Movement
Cloud Shadows at Sunset
Stratospheric Sunsets
Fog Corona
Earthshine and Moonset
Curved Contrail and Shadow
Iridescent Mist
Christmas Sunset
Strong Lunar Halo
Full Rainbow over the Green
Morning Sundogs and Contrails
Autumn Morning Shower
Lone Sundogs
Shallow Fogbow

14th April 2008

Revised site layout

Highway Fogbow
Sea Spraybow (addition)
120 degree Parhelion
Caustic Network on Pebbles
Strong Rainbow
Anvil Sundog
Spiderweb Diffraction
Subtle Evening Sundog
Late Summer Fogbow
Snail-trail Interference
Scattering and Particle Size
Zodiacal Light Visibility

12th January 2008

Moon and Earth Shadow Rising
Contrail Sundogs
Thistle Scattering
Afternoon Sundog
Dewbow on Leaves
Stubby Fogbows
Evening Sundogs
Opposition Effect on a Ploughed Field
Contrails and Reddening
Afternoon Sundog
Distorted Moonrise
Afternoon Rainbow
Sundog Polarisation
Sundog Polarisation
Descending Sundog
Weak Circumzenithal Arcs
Sundog Polarisation
Changing Sundog
Circumzenithal Arc Fragment
Afternoon Sundog
22 Degree Halo
Full Sunset Rainbow

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