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10th December 2006

Contrail Sundog
Crepuscular Rays near Sunset
Large Artificial Glory
Artificial Glory Polarisation
Fiery Sunset
Spider Web Glitter Path on Pasture
Spider Web Glitter Path on Crops
Iridescent Mist
Sundog in Virga
Hazy Sunset
Dewbow on Crops
Drifting Through a Sundog

3rd October 2006

Full Morning Rainbow
Full Sunset Rainbow
Dewbow on a Spiderweb
Upper Tangent Arc
Partial Lunar Eclipse
Earth Shadow and Lunar Eclipse
22 Degree Halo
Colourful Sundog
Circumzenithal Arcs
Afternoon of Sundogs
Circumzenithal Arc
Sundog Scrap
Opposition Effect on Stubble
Daytime Lightning
Lunar Cloud Shadows
Iridescent Cloud
Changing Sundog Positions
Contrail Shadows

31st July 2006

Bright Sundog
Contrail Shadow Across the Sky
Stubby Cloud Shadows
Iridescent Cloud
120 Degree Parhelia
Noctilucent Cloud Detail
Evening Noctilucent Cloud - 14th July
Moonrise - Refraction and Dispersion
High Sundog
Upper Tangent Arc
Changing Sundog
Colourful Sundog
Iridescent Cloud
Noctilucent Cloud Sequence
Morning Noctilucent Cloud - 23rd June
Contrail Shadows
Circumzenithal Arc and Solar Altitude
Halo Display
Circumhorizon Arc
Circumscribed Halo
22 Degree Halo
Lone Sundog

30th May 2006

Reflected Upper Tangent Arc
22 Degree Halo
Upper and Lower Tangent Arcs
Upper Tangent Arc and 22 Degree Halo
Circumzenithal Arc
Sunpillar Sequence
Sunset Rainbows
Distrail to Contrail
Double Sundog

25th March 2006

Colourful Sundogs
Changing Sundog
Halo Display
Circumzenithal Arc
Zodiacal Light Panorama
Zodiacal Light
Halo and Circumzenithal Arc
Lunar Haloes

29th January 2006

Updated the Links and Notes pages
Fogbow Polarisation Composite
Fogbow Polarisation Comparison
Fogbow Polarisation
Sun Pillar Sequence
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