New Pages 2009

31st December 2009

Plain Fogbow
Circumzenithal Arc and Weak Halo Display
Brief Rainbows
Lunchtime Rainbow
Tall Sundog
Bright Afternoon Rainbow
Lunar Upper Tangent Arc
Stretched Sundog
Fiery Mottled Sunset
Purple Tinted Twilight
Twilight and Purple Light
Circumzenithal Arc and Extreme Virga
Bright Sundog with Flock of Geese
Sundog at Sunset
Fiery Sunset wth Virga
Twilight and Faint Purple Light
Iridescence and Aureole
Secondary Rainbow on its own
Cats and (Sun)dogs
Changing Afternoon Sundog
Strong Cloud Corona
Brief Morning Sundog
Aureole and Last Quarter Moon
Afternoon Crepuscular Rays
Summer Afternoon Sundogs
Summer Upper Tangent Arcs
Heilgenschein Closeup
Weak Circumzenithal Arc

1st August 2009

Low Double Rainbow
Evening Noctilucent Cloud - 21st July 2009
Noctilucent Cloud and Moon - 20th July 2009
Moon and Pleiades Occultation
Morning Noctilucent Cloud - 15th July 2009
Evening Noctilucent Cloud - 14th July 2009
Noctilucent Cloud Animation - 8th July 2009
Noctilucent Cloud - 8th July 2009
Weak Noctilucent Cloud - 4th July 2009
Partial 22 Degree Halo
Sundog in Virga
Noctilucent Cloud - 17th June 2009 continued
Bright Noctilucent Cloud - 17th June 2009
Noctilucent Cloud - 16th June 2009
Circumhorizon Arc Visibility
Lunar Circumhorizon Arc Visibility
Lunar Circumhorizon Arc Visibility Cycles
Full Garden Spraybow
Weak 22 Degree Halo
Cat's Paws and Glitter Path
Various Evening Sundogs
Changing 22 Degree Halo
Morning 22 Degree Halo
Various haloes
Caustic Network on a Trout
Supralateral Arc
Low Sun Evening Rainbow
Afternoon Cloud Shadows
Heiligenschein on Wheat
Broad Weak Fogbow
Heavy Shower Rainbow
Earthshine, Mercury and Pleiades
Cloud Shadows and Setting Sun

13th April 2009

Fiery Sunset and Shadows
Halo Display
Sunset Fire and Ice
Sunset and Conjunction
Double Rainbow Fragments
Rainbow Against a Blue Sky
Sunset Cloudscape
Autumn Fogbow
Spiderweb Diffraction Sequence
Reversed Colour Bow in Web Droplet
Spiderweb Diffraction Sequence 2
Spiderweb Dewbow out of Focus
Weak Halo with Sundog
Very Low Bow
Various Sundogs
Partial Circumzenithal Arc
Milky Sky Circumzenithal Arc
Source of the Heiligenschein
Shower Cloud Shadows

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