Glory Polarisation - Inner

This set of images shows the inner ring in more detail. First the view without filter, then with vertical and horizontal polarisation.

My shadow on nearby fog gives a weak spectre effect which does confuse things slightly, however the different polarisation between the inner section and first ring is quite distinct. The changing background brightness around the glory is also due to variations in polarisation.

Without the filter the glory ring is fairly even and circular. With vertical polarisation the top of the ring is brightest and the top inner region is slightly darker. With horizontal polarisation the sides of the ring are brighter and the darker inner region is a bit more obvious.

Click here to change angle of polariser

Polarisation of the inner glory

Estimated mean radius of droplets 12 microns.

The orientation of the polariser is shown at the bottom left of each image.

Note: Your browser may need to be set to allow a short script to run. The purpose of the script is to switch the images quickly.

Canon EOS 20D   11th December 2005
Wiltshire, England

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