Glory Polarisation - Second Ring

In this example the first ring of the glory is more obvious, as well as the bright inner spot which is no longer completely obscured by shadow. The fog is quite thin as shown by the visibility of the tree which is a good 200 metres away

The fog isn't completely uniform as the right side of the ring appears stronger than the left. There is also a vertical gradient in the background brightness near the edge of the fog. The outer edge of the central spot seems to show the same polarisation as the first ring. There is enough foreground fog to show a change in the visibility of the spectre.

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Polarisation in a two ringed glory

Estimated mean radius of droplets in this recently formed fog is 4.2 microns.

The orientation of the polariser is shown at the bottom left of each image.

Note: Your browser may need to be set to allow a short script to run. The purpose of the script is to switch the images quickly.

Canon EOS 20D   11th December 2005
Wiltshire, England

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