Glory Polarisation - Spectre

Slightly deeper into the fog the first glory ring is little more than a brightening in the background, however the surrounding fog shows quite strong polarisation.

Switching quickly between images clearly shows a brighter cone extending above or to the the sides of the glory position. The polarisation of the innermost section is different and shows up as corresponding darker regions above or to the side.

With vertical polarisation the generally brighter background below the glory slightly enhances the spectre. The changing darker regions also affect the appearance of the spectre. With horizontal polarisation there is a hint of the first ring with some colour.

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Glory polarisation and the spectre

Probably a large variation in size but estimated mean radius of droplets around 8 microns.

The orientation of the polariser is shown at the bottom left of each image.

Note: Your browser may need to be set to allow a short script to run. The purpose of the script is to switch the images quickly.

Canon EOS 20D   11th December 2005
Wiltshire, England

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