Morning Rainbows

Rainbow visibility depends very much on the local climate so it helps to be aware of when conditions are right.

Here in Wiltshire, England, morning rainbows are much less common than evening ones. This is probably because morning rain tends to be more general, rather than the scattered showers that occur later in the day. Although it rains little and often in this climate there has to be sunshine too, so rainbows tend to be the exception rather than the rule.

Morning showers with rainbow Morning rainbow
Bright rainbow approaching Bright rainbow

Another problem with morning rainbows is that the approaching rain means you soon get wet. This one quickly developed into a full arc as the rain reached me, but the camera would have been soaked if I had tried to photograph it.

A short while later and a few miles away the next shower approaches. This rainbow wasn't visible for very long, as the shower cloud passed overhead it cut off the sunlight.

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