Bright Paraselene

It only lasted a couple of minutes but this paraselene, or moondog, was one of the brightest I've seen for a while. It wasn't bright enough to show colour to the eye but the 15 second exposures below bring out the colours clearly, so it looks just like a sundog. Optically of course it is no different but the background stars confirm it was a lunar phenomenon.

In this frame a faint parhelic circle can be traced in towards the moon.

Also notice how the moondog is well clear of the 22 degree halo, the moon altitude was 30 degrees at the time.

In this frame the inner parhelic circle has almost disappeared but the moondog tail is now longer.

Jupiter is the bright 'star' just below the moon and Orion is to the left of the frame.

Canon EOS 5D   30th January 2012
Wiltshire, England

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