Sundog Polarisation

When there is good detail and the cloud is moving quickly it can harder to see the small change in sundog position in still images. The top two images are cropped from the lower ones and blurred slightly to reduce the distracting fine detail. The white vertical line provides a better reference so the change in position of the sundog colour bands is more obvious.

In the left image the polariser was changed from vertical to horizontal, giving a rightward shift. For the right image the change was from horizontal to vertical. The cloud was moving from right to left on this occasion. The orientation of the polariser is shown at the bottom left of each image.


Click here to change angle of polariser


Note: Your browser may need to be set to allow a short script to run. The purpose of the script is to switch the images quickly.

Canon EOS 400D   24th July 2007
Wiltshire, England

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