Rainbow Polarisation Examples

Few photographs can truly reproduce the visual impact of a bright rainbow. However the fact that rainbows are strongly polarised can be used to give a better rendition. Using a polariser generally gives a more pleasing result than simply trying to boost the contrast.

Bright rainbow with polariser Rainbow with polarising filter aligned

The main enhancement needed here was to edit out the ubiquitous power cables.

By aligning the polariser along the bow more of the rainbow light gets through than from the background. The limitation of course is that it only works for a section of the bow.

Rainbow with dark background Spectacular double rainbow

Apart from using a polariser on sections of bows it does help to have a dark background.

This was a spectacular rainbow and it was only with the help of the polariser that all the detail could be recorded clearly. Not having the usual kit handy meant that the polariser had to be improvised by holding Polaroid driving glasses in front of the camera lens.

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