Full Sunset Rainbow

The sun was about 1.5 degrees above the horizon for this brief but reasonably bright bow, much of the secondary is also faintly visible.

Full sunset rainbow

The distortion caused by stitching the images together makes the secondary seem further away at the top but it is really the same distance from the primary all the way round.

Composite of 5 images.

Bright sunset rainbow Sunset primary and secondary bows

A single frame showing the brightest part of the bow. The sun was so low that most of the foreground was in shadow.

Zooming in shows the secondary a bit better but the low sun means that the blue edge of the bow is relatively weak.

Bright supernumerary bows

For a minute or two the upper sections of the bow showed a couple of supernumerary bows.

Canon EOS 20D   24th September 2006
Wiltshire, England

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