Bright Sunset Rainbow

Rainbow near sunset

It was lucky that the clouds to the west broke up in time for the setting sun to catch this falling rain. It started bright on the right side and gradually grew to an almost full arc.

The supernumeraries were obvious right from the start.

Near sunset supernumeraries
Sunset rainbow Bright sunset supernumerary arcs

As the top of the bow brightened the supernumeraries became very distinct and lasted for several minutes.

The reddening of the background sky was even more obvious as the sun dipped lower.

Bright sunset rainbow

Almost a complete double arc, remarkably bright considering the low sun.

The secondary is distorted by the process of stitching together the 5 images that make up this composite.

Looking toward the sunset with the sun just behind a distant hill, but still high enough to light up the rain.

Canon EOS 20D   3rd July 2008
Wiltshire, England

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